The Protestantism Betrayed I – Walter Veith – Copenhagen Denmark October 2017

Does God have a movement to counter the spirit of Babylon?

If, as the Bible is telling us, Babylon constitutes the great end-time confederacy of religious powers aligned against the government of God, then who will represent the case of God? The sad fact is, that the great majority of people will be deceived by the power and splendor of the woman who rides the beast.

Instead of forging a way for collective truth, the reformation resulted in a host of denominations, each with aspects of the truth, but excluding total truth. Satan had once again achieved a victory. Caught in the cage of creeds, Protestantism itself degenerated into formalism and theoretical theology, which extinguished the reformatory flame, opening the way to universal apostasy.

The present wave of cooperation between the churches is based not on issues of the gospel, but on social issues, thus there is nothing separating the “reformed churches” from Rome. The aim of the reformation, the unveiling of the gospel, had once again been curtailed.

The doctrines of Rome have permeated through the cultures of the world and the religious systems have willingly accepted her leadership. The High Priestly ministry of Jesus is of vital significance to the world and while Babylon comes to fruition, God also heralds the final warning and invitation to call us back into a covenant relationship with Him.

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