1. Nimrod’s New World Order Reinstated – Hal Meyer

Do you think that today there are men like Nimrod who have similar ambitions? Do you think that in our time, there are some who want to rule over their fellow man and concentrate populations and power in such a way so that they control the whole world like Nimrod wanted to do?

Here is a statement from the book Colporteur Ministry, page 17 written around the 1900. “The end of all things is at hand. The men of the world are rushing on to their ruin. Their schemes, their confederacies, are many. New devices will continually be brought in to make of no effect the counsel of God. Men are heaping up treasures of gold and silver to be consumed by the fires of the last days.” What a statement! Men are confederating together to rebel against God. They are making new schemes to control their fellow man so that they can heap treasure to themselves and lead the world into idolatry.

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