From New Age priest for Djwal Khul to Christian – Will Baron

I believe that it is still important probably more today than it was for 20 years ago. Evil spirits and their deceptions are very, very real and we are being targeted every day even more today through media, books, and movies. Christians are being targeted, everybody is being targeted.
We are going to discuss about the dangers of different aspects with the New Age movement because popular teachers like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, Rick Warren, Leonard Sweet, Alice Bailey, Brooke Boon, Thomas Merton, J.K. Rowling , Jon Dybdal, Helen Blavatsky, any others continue to sell millions of copies of books teaching the idea that God is an impersonal force in the universe and that we are to cultivate relationship with this force by shifting our consciousness and practicing things like “mindfulness”, “presence”, or yoga, spiritual formation Tai Chi and others.

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