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Brexit & The European Union – The Biblical Perspective – Jonathan Bennett

We are witnessing an increased number of decisions being moved from the national level to the EU level, and the EU increasingly depriving member states the possibility of speaking with an independent voice. The EU’s motto is: Europe – Many Tongues, One Voice. They are to speak with one voice, both in the economic, political, religious and the military sphere. EU decision-making organs have a number of members. Now, all these persons are to be influenced and re-educated, so that they will speak with one voice. Where do you find independence and the liberty of expression in this connection?Freedom is worth more than riches, posh houses, automobiles and titles. Freedom and peace are not achieved by foisting a massive set of laws – created by the elite – on people, to govern individuals regarding the finer details of life. Governing authorities suppressing the liberty of conscience do not achieve freedom and peace. When the organs of governance are supposed to speak with one voice, the individual will soon be silenced, and a set of laws – established by the international, European and global masters – will swiftly regulate one’s conscience.

The EU Constitution
In Article I-6 of the EU Constitution it says: “The Constitution and law adopted by the institutions of the Union in exercising competences conferred on it shall have primacy over the law of the Member States.

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